Green Hotel

The planet is an asset we hold dear: a stay at Duchessa Margherita's is filled with sustainable care for the comfort of our guests and the earth we inhabit.

Solutions for reduced environmental impact

We believe in the importance of “small choices.” A reality like ours, surrounded by wonders of nature and set in a UNESCO territory, must be in the forefront of safeguarding this beauty.

That is why we are always looking for new shrewdness to reduce our environmental impact while ensuring a comfortable and luxurious stay.

Some of our attentions include:

  • lighting with exclusively low-consumption bulbs
  • bathrooms with water-breaking jets for the lowest consumption of drinking water
  • insulated walls for energy and heating savings
  • condensing boiler
  • thermostatic valves in each room for better temperature control directly from the client and for energy savings

The structure also has a small bioclimatic greenhouse in the loggia to decrease the thermal bridge and assist in heating the structure on sunny days even in winter. The stairwell and some common parts are then equipped with presence detectors and timers for the containment of electricity.

Choices that make a difference

Duchessa Margherita’s work does not stop with electricity consumption: every aspect of guests’ lives and stays is designed to be as sustainable as possible.

In particular:

  • we carry out separate waste collection by dividing paper, plastic and glass
  • in each bathroom we have displayed the communication for the containment of daily linen washing in order to limit waste
  • cleaning is done exclusively with environmentally friendly products, and whenever possible we minimize plastic consumption by purchasing refills or bulk products

While it is true that we do our part, it is also true that it is always a team effort: our guests play an essential role in the effectiveness of our measures.

All-round sustainability, even in the kitchen

Our breakfasts, as well as every preparation in our kitchen, follow the same ideals. Having the good fortune to be located in a region famous for its top-quality raw materials, it is not difficult for us to offer a service that is both sustainable and enjoyable.

Regarding breakfast and all food served at the facility:

  • we use organic, unprocessed and seasonal fruits, km0 foods and typical, local and seasonal products
  • we provide our beverages in glass and ceramic cups and in glass bottles for both the breakfast room and the rooms

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